Trust is difficult when you’ve experienced trauma and/or lived in constant uncertainty of your environment and the people around you. Many youth seem to be constantly watching their back and looking over their shoulder unwilling to open up when they first walk through our doors for the first time. From being greeted by Joanne asking if anyone has laundry, to talking with our case worker Geny about getting a bus pass, food stamps or other resources, the environment we provide is judgement free, safe and welcoming. We provide a much needed sense of relief to those who don’t know who or what to turn to at any given moment. I’ve found that over the course of a few weeks, youth may go from looking over their shoulder to asking for resources to try and find a job or housing opportunities. Some might feel comfortable enough to open up to volunteers about their past. There’s no reason in the world why a young person should have to experience abandonment and severe trauma, but their willingness to open up proves that there is a very important reason why we provide Doors of Change for young adults. Our program is more than a meal, mentoring music and arts program, it’s a safety net for those in need, a sense of family, reliability and ultimately trust. This trust leads to something beautiful; hope and encouragement to open the door to a new brighter future. 

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