Solving San Diego Youth Homelessness since 2001

Solving San Diego Youth Homelessness since 2001

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Our Mission

Our mission is to act as advocates to support homeless youth ages 17-24 and provide access to the resources they need to improve their quality of life. We aim to get them off the streets into safe housing and help them attain self-sufficiency.

We provide rapid, empathetic care to homeless youth who are looking for a way off of the streets.

Since 2001, Doors of Change™ has been transforming the lives of homeless youth in San Diego County, one young person at a time.  For more than 23 years we have helped over 2,900 homeless youth get off the streets into shelters, permanent housing, and we have provided other forms of support for long-term self sustainability. 

Since starting our Homeless Youth Advocacy Program in 2021, we have helped over 849 youth find shelter and safe housing! 


Doors Of Change gave me an opportunity to change my life and be self-sufficient.  – Thomas

Success Stories

Youth 1

After spending a year living in her car and couch surfing, she was able to enter a rapid rehousing program, however she continued to struggle as issues with her car began affecting her employment. Now risking eviction, she reached out to Doors of Change for assistance. Through our case management program, we were able to work in creating a simple budget that would help her cut costs and get back on track. She worked closely with her case manager and met regularly to discuss her progress with goals, barriers in front of her, and what next steps she should take to create stability. Since working with Doors of Change, she has enrolled in school, found a new job, and has been working on her communication skills and tools to deal with stress management.

Youth 2

After being homeless for 2 years and facing family rejection, trans hate, and domestic violence, she fled Florida for San Diego, CA in search of shelter, HIV medical referrals, and gender affirming care. Once here, she was able to connect with Doors of Change case managers who provided her with groceries and helped her find shelter. With continued support from her new case managers, she was able to move out of her temporary shelter into permanent LGBT supportive housing that offers services like HIV testing and management. Thanks to having supportive services and stable shelter, PN was able to find employment and is now working a few hours per week.

Youth 3

She moved to San Diego in hopes of making a life for herself. Unfortunately, an abusive relationship left her alone, in a big city, without money or support. Luckily, she was able to successfully connect with Doors of Change who provided her with mental health support, gas cards and vehicle repairs so she could safely make it back home to her family in Texas. Now she has a full time job, is continuing her mental health care, and is surrounded by love and support.

Youth 4

After many years of suffering from trauma and abuse by his paternal figures, he found himself homeless at a young age. Having been diagnosed with autism, he faced many additional barriers beyond the normal unhoused youth. Not willing to let any obstacles stand in his way, he was able to connect with experts that helped him with mental health services and transitional housing. However, after suffering with car issues, consistent transportation became an issue that was now preventing him from getting to his appointments safely and successfully. This is where Doors of Change stepped in. We were able to provide him with the car repairs he needed to get back on the road. Within 24 hours, he was back on track with his mental health appointments and moving forward successfully. According to him, he couldn’t believe he was able to get such a rapid response to his issue and has said that Doors of Change has literally changed his life for the better.

Changing lives one youth at a time

Doors of Change helps “TAY” Youth to get off the street, become self sufficient, and reconnect with loved ones.

We serve

transitional age homeless youth who are the most underserved homeless population

We work

in San Diego County where homeless youth congregate and hide from danger

We respond

in near real time to help youth who need immediate assistance

We house

homeless youth in temporary shelters and ultimately permanent housing

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Support homeless youth when they need you most.

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