What We Do

Doors of Change helps the homeless youth of San Diego County get immediate access to basic living supplies, general and mental healthcare, and safe housing.

Homeless Youth Advocacy

When a youth contacts Doors of Change, our case managers will pick up the phone immediately or get back to them quickly. We talk to them without any pressure or judgment. We mostly listen, and eventually we ask them if they would like us to make an assessment to determine what specific resources could help them. Then we become advocates for the youth, serving as a bridge to the social service and government resources available to address their specific needs. Once youth experience this interaction with our case managers they are more open to suggestions such as housing. Over the past 22 years, Doors of Change has helped over 2,800 homeless youth get housing.

In addition to helping homeless youth obtain safe housing we help them get IDs and birth certificates, medical insurance, vision and dental care, phones, computers, food stamps, safe parking, and showers. We also provide referrals for mental health care, domestic violence, and anger management.
We also help homeless youth get and keep jobs. We have a very successful collaboration with the Civilian Conservation Corps, helping get youth into full-time, paid trades programs.
Lastly, we mentor our youth and teach them important self-sufficiency skills and habits, while they discover the value of accountability and working hard.

Our Vision Is To Ensure That Every Young Adult In San Diego County Has The Resources And Support Necessary To Live A Healthy And Productive Life Off The Streets.


Twice weekly, trained professionals and volunteers from Doors of Change™ comb the streets and beaches around San Diego County, engaging with young people who appear to be homeless, or at risk of homelessness. Offering water, socks, and sleeping bags provides the opportunity to engage youth in a conversation about what Doors of Change™ has to offer and encourage them to reach out to one of our case managers. Youth are treated with dignity and without judgment. Over 8,000 young people have interacted with the Outreach Team in the past five years.


Once youth are ready to accept more support, they engage with a Doors of Change™ case manager who helps them develop individual action plans. From accessing state IDs and Medi-Cal insurance to enrolling in job training programs or primary health care, case management services are available to all Doors of Change™ participants and are designed to help youth transition from the streets to permanent housing and self-sufficiency by connecting them with the multitude of community resources available to them. Hundreds of youth each year are connected to housing, employment, medical care, and mental health and addiction treatment services.


Successful Case Management can look different from individual to individual, but each client should be moved closer to safe, permanent housing. While our hope for every one of our clients is that they can find stable, long-term housing, sometimes they are just not ready.  We must meet these clients where they are and address their immediate needs, including addiction, profound mental illness, and domestic violence.

While success for one client could mean placement in permanent housing, success for another could mean the proper referral to an addiction support program, a qualified mental health provider, or a program that deals with domestic violence. Success means giving clients the information they need to make safer choices on the street until they are ready to trust the case management process and devote their energy wholeheartedly to working with us.

Our Homeless Youth Advocacy Program (HYAP) Is Offered At No Cost To Participants, And Depends On The Generosity Of Donors And Businesses Who Believe In The Importance Of This Work.


Support homeless youth when they need you most.

Your unrestricted gifts enable us to provide immediate shelter, case management, and life-changing ongoing support for Homeless Youth in San Diego County.