Where We Work

San Diego County

Doors of Change currently provides services to unhoused Transitional Age Youth (TAY) throughout the Northern, Central, and Eastern Counties of San Diego, with plans for further expansion.

Our team identify TAY in need by doing outreach four times a week throughout San Diego County. Once identified, our team focuses on connecting and engaging with them. As part of this outreach, colorful posters are prominently placed in areas where homeless youth are most likely to see them. Listed on the posters is our contact information, including a telephone number, email, and Facebook page they can contact for assistance, as well as our website address. Once a homeless youth requests our services, our Case Manager works closely with them to understand their needs.

As homeless youth advocates, we also understand the sensitive nature and vulnerability surrounding our outreach program and provide quick access to case managers to ensure we do not miss an opportunity to connect. Services are delivered once the unhoused youth is engaged and willing to commit to intensive case management. We believe that by building strong relationships with our clients, as well as our partner organizations, we can improve both the lives of the youth we serve while simultaneously improving living conditions of the surrounding neighborhoods.