Where We Work

San Diego County

Doors of Change does outreach on the streets of San Diego four times per week. Since the COVID-19 pandemic we see very few homeless youth. They are still there, but they are hidden, fearful of interacting with strangers and becoming ill. We post bright, colorful posters throughout Downtown, Ocean Beach, Hillcrest, North Park, and other San Diego neighborhoods listing the services and resources we offer. Many homeless youth call our case managers as a result of these posters.
This call is the beginning of building a relationship, and the trust that is so crucial to getting them the help they need. Without trust homeless youth will not ask for help. The speed with which our case managers return their phone calls or meet them with supplies goes a long way toward creating that trust quickly.
We work virtually (over the phone) with youth that call us as a result of the posters or those who hear about us from other youth we have helped. We also connect with youth through referrals from organizations we partner with and through our Facebook page.