STORIES OF CHANGE Our youth have developed connections and friendships amongst themselves that will hopefully last a lifetime. They support each other and are able to share experiences that are not always easy to talk about. With our guidance and support and with each other they feel safe and understood. If you were touched by […]


Trust is difficult when you’ve experienced trauma and/or lived in constant uncertainty of your environment and the people around you. Many youth seem to be constantly watching their back and looking over their shoulder unwilling to open up when they first walk through our doors for the first time. From being greeted by Joanne asking if […]

An Inside Look into Doors of Change™

On the surface, Doors of Change is a program that offers hope and resources to a often under-looked segment of the San Diego population, but you might wonder how a typical program is run or how you can help. We invite you to an insider look at a typical program and how this environment inspires […]